The Temple was founded in June 2016 by Kassandra Scardino. The Temple has been facilitating workshops, healing and events for the spiritual & local community. 

 The vision is to open more Temple spaces in the northern & eastern suburbs of Sydney. These Temple spaces will act as light houses for people to congregate that share the same head and heart space.

Here at The Temple we have a "vision"to flow with a culture and lifestyle that is based around education, sustainability, spirituality, mindfulness, sharing and creating a model that can serve for the next generation. We work with the consciousness of the earths energy and take responsibility for all our actions. 

The Temple works towards feeling safe, secure, comfortable and confident within our souls development and pass no judgments on others & their journey. We are here to set an example of the choices we have in creating harmony and unity through our own personal power and creating a better place for our children and fellow beings to live in, now & in futures to come.

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The Temple Surry Hills

The first location to be started in 2016 was The Temple Surry Hills located on Clisdell Street. This was a place that hosted the start of our weekly by donation meditation Light Night every Friday evening. As the space was small the house was always filled with those that found comfort in the warm and inviting space. 

Events held in the space now range from aromatherapy, women circles, social gatherings, crystals, reiki, and spiritual networking. 

Visit our venue hire page for more information. 

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The Temple Surry Hills Founder Kassandra Scardino


The Temple at Studio Blueprint

When our humble space became to small to fit those that where seeking this new found calling we had the pleasure of teaming up with studio and warehouse space Studio Blueprint located at 11 Randle Street a stones throw away from the event space in Surry Hills. Here we offer larger events for the crowds that find themselves looking for more.  

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The Temple Agency

-Representing Energetic Spiritual Alliance -

When The Temple started there was a very big need to host the teachers that have a message of health and healing for this planet. As the space grew we found ourselves supporting and nurturing these guides and have now created a space to help them thrive. The Temple HQ will be arriving very soon so watch this space.

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