The Temple is a centre for conscious living.

The Temple is a place that holds spirit acting as a beacon of light for people on a spiritual path.


Temple healers

At the Temple we offer healing services such as; Point of Light Therapy, Reiki, Counselling, Kinesiology, Massage, Shamanic bodywork, Psychic reading, Channelled Mediumship and Sound Healings.

We aim to provide the community with a range of effective alternative and transpersonal healing modalities.


Temple workshops

A large part of The Temple’s mission is to provide education to help people on their path to awakened consciousness.

We have, and will continue to offer a range of workshops. These workshops cover topics such as: Meditation, Crystals, Energy Healing, Essential Oils, Reiki, Channelling, Shi, Plant Medicines and Complimentary Health.


Temple events

The Temple host a variety of events ranging from Community Gatherings, Women's Circles, Group Meditations, Singing Circles, Ecstatic Dance, Movie Nights to Guest Speaker Presentations and much, much more.

These events aim to connect community, expand awareness and leave your soul radiating off good clean fun. 


Temple products

The products that we sell, are designed to further support the community. These high quality products and tools are here to encourage health and to assist people on their path.  

We provide a range of high grade products such as: Crystals, Jewellery, Zeolite Bath Soaks, Clearing Sprays and Sage.